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Running an insurance agency can be a daunting task. It requires a constant effort of attracting new leads and turning those leads into clients while also retaining the clients you have. Tasks only become more difficult as the agency grows. Fortunately, there are many software tools that make functions like marketing and social media easier for insurance agencies.

Here is a look at six software products that make running an insurance agency easier and more profitable.


Agency Management Software

As the name implies, this software is meant to manage all aspects of an insurance agency. Management software should keep an insurance agency’s workflow running smoothly, giving the agency a way to keep track of all client and employee transactions. It should provide you with the ability to make detailed notes about each client so you can provide customized service and it should have accounting ability so you don’t have to employ a separate accounting software. A good agency management solution will also have mass emailing capability, plus it will be easily adoptable across the entire agency regardless of size. Above all else, it should streamline processes of the agency by being easy to use and scalable to accommodate growth.


Marketing Software

Like any business, an insurance agency needs to market itself to get new leads and turn those leads into customers. A good place to start your next marketing campaign is to find out how you measure up to other companies in your sphere. A good marketing software product can provide you with feedback about your online marketing efforts. For example, you’ll want one that can benchmark your website against other companies in your industry and provide you with feedback about how to improve your website or your other marketing efforts. It should show you the analytical data on who has visited your site, what site referred them and what, if any, actions your visitors have taken on your site. Insights like these are invaluable when developing a marketing campaign.


Referral Software

Unlike a business such as a restaurant, where people can easily find reviews online, insurance agencies usually rely on more word-of-mouth type referrals. That’s where referral marketing software can come into play. Many people are more than willing to refer a company to a friend or family member if they’ve had a positive experience with that company, but few actually end up doing that. Referral marketing software uses incentives to get people to recommend others to use your business. The best part about it is that leads are much more likely to become clients if your business has been recommended to them by someone they know and trust already.


Social Media Management Software

Although insurance isn’t really an industry that immediately comes to mind when you think of social media, most agencies will maintain some kind of presence on social media. To help with this, it’s a good idea to employ some kind of social media management tool. Several are available online and they all pretty much do the same thing. They allow you to disseminate your messages across multiple social media platforms from one centralized dashboard. You integrate all your social media platforms into the management tool and from there, you can schedule messages, check messages, see who is sharing and reacting to your posts and more. It saves a lot of time for businesses that have multiple social media platforms.


Lead Generating Software

Email campaigns and other marketing efforts can be time consuming and frustrating to deploy if you don’t have a solid list of contacts. Lead generating software makes use of publicly-available information to create databases of potential clients who are likely to be interested in a given product or service. This helps to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts and allows teams to hone their campaigns with each iteration.


Influencer Identification Tool

Finding out the top influencers for your industry on social media is invaluable for marketing purposes. Knowing the right people to target your messaging at can help spread that message further than paid efforts. A tool like Followerwonk from Moz can help you find the followers who are most likely to be interested in your content, but it can also help you get to know your current followers better. You can research their interests and goals to help you shape your content marketing efforts and draw them to your agency.


In Conclusion

With these six software solutions, an insurance agency can service its current client base and reach more potential clients. By utilizing the available tools, an agency can expand quickly without any loss of performance. The most important tool an agency can have is the agency management software. When it’s time to choose an agency management software solution for your insurance agency, you owe it to your agency, employees and clients to choose the best possible agency management solution you can invest in. Evolution Agency Management software has been tailored to be flexible, secure and easy-to-use. Please visit us to book a demo today to find out how we can help your insurance agency grow.

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