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Marketing trends come and go. Throughout 2017, smart insurance agencies will pick up on what is effective and use those marketing trends to their advantage. From using more video to putting the focus on the overall customer experience, we look at six marketing trends for insurance agencies that will help you garner leads and turn those leads into customers.


Focus on the Customer Experience for Stronger Retention

A lot of focus is, understandably, put on getting new customer leads, but insurance is a business that is just as reliant on retaining the customers you already have. That means putting even more focus on the overall customer experience throughout their entire time with you.

Virtually every insurance provider has good service. You need to be the one that has recommendable service, as 72% of insurance buyers trust online reviews as much as their own friends, according to research from Agency Revolution.


Implement More Efficient Tracking

Data and analytics, whether you’re talking about social media, email marketing or website traffic, are absolutely crucial to getting increased customer engagement. You can use your social media networks’ analytics tools to see what posts are performing best and diligently track which ones get opened and which ones get leads.

If you’re not getting enough opens or leads, try something new. Tracking will allow you to assess which email campaigns to discard, which ones to tweak and which ones to keep. Google Analytics will be of great assistance for keeping track of your website numbers and figuring out what to try to bring in new leads. The point is to dive into those numbers. When it comes to tracking what’s working with your marketing, there are no numbers too small to pay attention to.


Personalize Your Marketing

The more you can make it seem like your marketing is talking to an individual, the better. And while actually talking to each individual customer can be difficult, it’s well worth the effort. A personalized email can go a long way. At the very least, you can tailor messages to fit certain demographics of your audience.


Get in Front of that Camera

Lights, camera, sales! You see it everywhere for a reason. Video has taken over marketing and people love those moving images, as long as they’re of interest to them. While video ads are obviously useful, it’s the more content-driven videos that are more likely to draw people in. Content that is simply placed strategically is going to be much more appealing than video ads that people are just itching to skip.

An industry like insurance might not seem like it’s fit for making engaging videos, but that’s why you have to think creatively. Go beyond talking heads and stuffy suits and try to make videos that will have your audience stopping their Facebook scrolling to give them a look. For a handy app that can help you, try YouTube Director App for Business, available in the iTunes store.


You Want to be Where the People Are

While it’s extremely easy to be on social media sites, it’s a little trickier to use them well. Your audience is on these sites, but reaching them on these platforms isn’t just a matter of being there yourself. Hiring a full-time marketer or even digging deeper and hiring a social media specific marketer will help your agency stay active and engaging on these platforms.

As mentioned previously, you need to be personalized and personable on social media sites. Simply shooting links out won’t cut it. There’s a reason these sites are called social and it’s that reason that you have to tap into.

Pick Your Moments

No matter what type of marketing it is, you have to pick the most opportune times to market to someone, which is yet another extension of the personalization philosophy. Rather than just marketing when you can, it’s more effective to market to a lead at just the right moment to help nurture the burgeoning relationship and turn that lead into a customer.

For example, if you see, through your email tracking, that a lead has opened consecutive emails from your agency, that would be a clear indication that it’s one of the aforementioned marketing moments and you should pick up the phone for a more personal interaction with them. You can also pick your moments on social media by scheduling posts to go out at specific times of the day when certain segments of your audience are more likely to be on that particular platform.

By following these six insurance agency marketing trends, you can increase your chances of attracting leads and helping them over the hump to becoming customers. Be strategic, be creative and know your audience. Evolution Agency Management software has been tailored to be flexible, secure and easy-to-use. Please visit us to book a demo today to find out how we can help your insurance agency grow.

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