we hold these truths to be self evident


1. That the agency, no matter what size, should have the ability to obtain and use a state of the art agency management system, at a reasonable price. Not long ago, the typewriter was a standard instrument in every agency. Now, a good agency management system should be just such a standard instrument.

2. That the agency should not be bound into an expensive long term contract. Like our underlying insurance business, renewals are based on value, service, and trust.

3. That the agency has an inalienable right to the data in the system. No matter where the data is stored and processed, the agency has the right to obtain a unencrypted copy at a reasonable price. Under no circumstances will the data intentionally be made available to any third party without the agent’s permission.

4. That the agency should not be subjected to price increases beyond cost of living increases, unless the value of the product itself is increased proportionately. Even then, to the greatest degree possible, the agency should be able to opt out of the additional features and cost.

5. That the agency should have the highest degree of self determination possible. To that end, if the agency wishes to leave the vendor, it should be able to obtain a long term right to use the system if self hosting, or a unencrypted copy of the underlying data if the vendor is hosting it.