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Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways for insurance agencies to reach new clients. However, in order for it to be effective, you have to do it right. When you can get it right, you build trust with leads and you can more easily turn those leads into clients.

Make Sure Your Emails are Welcome

Spam is one of the most hated things in the world today, and for good reason. Receiving mail that you don’t want has been an annoyance for people for as long as mail has been a thing and just because it’s delivered electronically now doesn’t make unwanted mail any more palatable.

That’s why you need to make sure you’re only sending email to people who will be receptive to it and that includes only people who you have sourced ethically. Whether they’ve signed up for your newsletter or they’ve provided you with their email address in some other way, you need to make sure you have their approval before sending messages to them.

One way to ensure you have their approval is to have a double opt-in gateway. After someone subscribes to something or gives you their email to download content, send an initial email that gets them to click on a link to confirm that email address. This will help keep your emails out of their spam folder.


Only Pitch People What They’re Interested In

When you’re collecting emails, segment your list so you know who is interested in what. Set up some parameters (but not too many) so you can categorize leads and only send them information that pertains to them. The easiest way to do this is to simply list all the types of insurance you offer and have them check off the ones that are of interest to them. This will save you from sending out information about pet insurance to people who are only interested in home insurance.

Another way you can segment your email list is to offer something free to download, like an eBook or a white paper that pertains to a certain type of insurance. If someone gives you their email address to download a certain piece of content, you can then send them emails about that type of insurance. So, if they’ve downloaded the pet insurance eBook, they only get the pet insurance emails.

Whatever you are offering for free should be valuable to anyone downloading it. Promote it on your site, on your social media accounts, on your blog, on any landing pages you have and on any pay-per-click campaigns you run.


Heavy on the Valuable Content, Light on the Selling

Too many people think the goal of an email marketing campaign is to make a sale. That’s not entirely true. The ultimate end goal is to gain a new customer, obviously, but an email marketing campaign is more about building trust with leads than immediately selling them something. In order to build that trust, you need to give leads useful, high quality information. You want your agency to be the first one they think of when they’re ready to purchase travel insurance or renew their auto insurance and an effective email campaign can put your agency at top of mind.

Useful content for your emails doesn’t need to be created from scratch. You likely already have content on your site in the form of a blog or informational pages. This is where you can curate your content from for your email campaigns that support what you are talking about in your messages. You can slip in some advertising, but keep it sparse and in line with what you’re discussing in the email. If you are talking about traveling to Mexico, it’s okay to mention you have a travel insurance package specific to Mexico and link to it, but don’t overdo it with the sales.


Include Personalized Contact Info

Don’t just send the emails from the agency. Send them from a person along with full contact details that include a signature with title, a phone number, an email address, your website URL and any social media handles that pertain to your agency.

Along with all that, make sure you personalize the email with the recipient’s name. People will be more receptive to an email addressed to them and signed by a person than an email not addressed to anyone and sent by a business.


Know the Regulations

Commercial email is bound to be covered by some kind of government legislation regardless of where your agency is located. It’s up to you to familiarize yourself with the laws pertaining to commercial email and be in compliance with those laws or you could put your whole operation at risk.

An effective email campaign is akin to a slowly filling bowl. Each drip of information fills it a tiny bit more. At some point, the bowl will be full. In this analogy, the drips are the emails and the bowl is the lead. When that lead is ready to make a decision about insurance, their mind is full of the information you’ve provided to them and your agency is the one they think of first. Once you turn a lead into a client, you’ll need a way to manage their information. For that, Evolution Agency Management software has been tailored to be flexible, secure and easy-to-use. Please visit us to book a demo today.

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